PARTITE® Adhesives for Composite Bonding

PARTITE® Adhesives for Composite Bonding

PARTITE® Adhesives for Composite Bonding
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PARSON is one of the leading manufacturer of high quality methacrylate adhesives for wide variety of industrial assembly applications. Partite range of methacrylate adhesives are triple distilled to provide the highest industrial strength and resistance properties with consistent performance for every assembly applications. Partite methacrylate adhesives are available from 25 ml syringe to 55 gallon drum packing. We also offer extensive private label services with no minimum quantity requirement.

PARSON also manufactures following engineering and structural adhesives:

  • SONLOK Anaerobics Adhesives
  • PARFIX Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
  • PARLITE UV Curable Adhesives
  • PARBOND Epoxy & Polyurethane Adhesives
  • PARSEAL Impregnation Sealant

We supply these adhesives to wide variety of industries such as the Automotive, Aerospacem, Railway, Marine, Sporting Goods, Oil & Gas, Sign & Display, Medical Devices, Printing & Graphics, Furniture, Construction, Transmission & Engine Products and General Assembly. Parson has more than 1,200 customer in 43 different countries around the world.

  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company
  • DVGW Certified Company
  • UL Approved
  • ROHS Compliance
  • SGS Certified.

PARTITE adhesives are no mix, two-part system. Simply apply adhesive to one surface, the activator to the other and join parts together. Fixture time will range from 60 seconds to 5 minutes depending upon the grade.

Parson offers full line of high performance two parts methacrylate structural adhesives for wide variety of applications. Methyl Methacrylate Adhesives are commonly used as structural adhesives due to their excellent strength, impact resistance, thermal shock, fatigue resistance and peel strength. They are based on thermoset adhesives formulations that give excellent structural properties to bond a wide - variety of durable substrates.

PARTITE MMAs' can withstand paint bake cycles, including powder coating and electron coating, at typically 220 to 230°c for up to 35 minutes with no loss of strength. The differences in viscosity, pot life and cure times enables manufacturers to choose the one that best suit their production processes. No other adhesive offer their combination of convenience, ease of use and superior mechanical strength for bonding engineered plastics, composites and metals.

This guide only includes the most popular grades. Other adhesives are available. These adhesives are available in 50 ml, 200 ml and 400 ml cartridge.18 kg packs available for automatic dispensing.